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The toll industry is slowly evolving, the first equipment that was available for toll systems were simple cash registers and mechanical coin machines. Since those early days it has evolved from mechanical systems and simple computers to complex systems. Many of these systems integrate a variety of components including, touch screens, tags, gates, signage, etc. There have been many forums created with the intent to exchange information between authorities to improve their systems and better serve the customer. Now there is a new forum, online to serve the entire industry.

The Internet is a research tool, currently it is very difficult to find equipment and look for solutions to problems. The first stage in constructing TOLLSYSTEMS.COM is about taking a first step in solving this problem, by creating a list of Toll Authorities, Consultants, Integrators and Equipment Manufacturers.

Upcoming additions:
  • Chat Forum in which questions can be posted and answered by peers.
  • Knowledge Base - A derivative of the answers posted will be assembled into a searchable database.
  • News - NOW AVAILABLE - A section that will be updated regularly detailing changes in the industry.
  • Newsletter - A newsletter will be created with articles written by industry peers.
  • Domain registration NOW AVAILABLE - See Services.
  • Surplus Items - An area for surplus items for sale that can include pictures, details and contact information.
  • Internet Services - use TOLLSYSTEMS.COM to combine the purchasing power to reduce the cost of WAN and internet connections.

TOLLSYSTEMS.COM is looking forward to your comments, what do you want, how can we serve you ?

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